Johns Creek Volunteer Fire Department Fundraising Dinner is September 3rd

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We try to run several raffles through the year including donated prizes from our great local businesses and handmade items from individuals. We are usually at Shrimpfest and at our summer community Open House. Wilkie has been part of the department for about five years, working his way up to deputy chief.
One was to head right for the home of the lady who had verbally beheaded the two firemen. When the key turned in the door lock an angry female bolted into the darkened office with a manner approaching a snorting bull with fire coming from each nostril. One of the firemen, the one in whose office the two had gathered, made his way to the front door to see what the lady wanted. The two volunteer firemen dropped their heads as the verbal barrage was hurled at them. They had been caught “red-handed” by the angry mother who told them in no uncertain terms just how dastardly their deed was.