Content Marketing Essentials for 2022 The Keys to Success

Another great way to add value to your content is to share a presentation or slideshow with your audience. You can hire an illustrator to help you create illustrations for your brand and content, or you can use a DIY tool like Visme, which comes built-in with hundreds of illustrations and icons. In our blog, for example, we use screenshots of the Visme editor to introduce our readers to the drag-and-drop interface and other cool features they can make use of. At Visme, we prefer to use original graphics and illustrations over memes, but other brands do a great at job at making their content more fun with the help of memes. Plus, GIFs are very easy to find and curate for your posts. You can also create your own GIFs using a tool like Visme.
For instance, according to the report, individual marketing videos are expected to cost $1208, when they really cost half that amount to produce ($631). Average content marketers allocate 28% of their marketing budget to content marketing, while more effective B2B marketers allocate 42%. The best content marketers allocate 46% of their total marketing budget to this tactic. Content marketing can also serve as a separate stream of revenue for a business, for example when creating in-depth content that customers can buy. Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without blogs.
67% of consumers report that watching a marketing video on social media has influenced a purchasing decision. After publishing a video on social media, 93% of businesses acquired a new client. B2C marketers dedicate an average 26% of their total marketing budget towards content marketing. 47% of B2B marketers don’t measure ROI from their content marketing efforts.
A content marketing strategy is a roadmap for how to reach those business goals through content. Assets like how-to videos and other types of informative visual content can help your customers get more out of your products or services. Content like that, created for a specific audience, tailored to their questions and pain points, and aimed at their perspective, is an incredible trust-builder. And a key tenant of content marketing is researching to understand your ideal customers deeply enough to accomplish all of the above.
Review how you assess the value of different types of content. The two dimensions used in this marketing matrix help you review how content can support the business to achieve its goals against how different formats appeal to different types of people. The best way that blogs boost SEO value is by answering important questions and including high-value keywords. By answering the questions that your audience is searching for, you can become the authority on a certain subject and drive more traffic to your business. This means most content marketing is going to be digital marketing, but the inverse will not always be true. If anyone at your company is getting bogged down in the minute details and asking, “Is content marketing different from digital marketing?
Awarding the brand/influencer collaboration that has most successfully achieved set goals. Awarding Marketing Automation that has most successfully achieved set goals on behalf of a brand. You’re still reinforcing your branding by showing customers that you understand them.